Vitality Wellness Center offers a variety of products that improve our health and wellness as well as the space we live in. For more information on any of our products please drop in to  3305 Portage Ave or  e-mail us at .

HTE  - The HTE devices featured on the services page are also available for purchase. For more information or to order go to

Salt Lamps - help to put negative ions into our environment to help combat all the positive ions that are given off by the electric appliances we use.  We also carry neti pots, selenite lamps, and Himalayan course and fine salt.

Orgon generators - work in much the same way as Salt Lamps, they help by converting bad energy to good energy to improve our environment using crystals and metal.

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Quantum Wave Lasers - The lasers featured on the services page are also available for home use. They are certified by Health Canada.

Crystals, Crystal Jewellery, and Vibes up products also available.